QBFLIB is a collection of instances, solvers, and tools related to Quantified Boolean Formula (QBF) satisfiability. QBFLIB is meant as a service to the QBF research community and its main goal is to provide an uniform test-bed for the empirical characterization of QBF solvers.

The QBFLIB problems suite is currently comprised of more than 13000 instances.

The QBFLIB solvers collection lists the web sites of all the QBF solvers we are currently aware of.

Finally, QBFLIB maintains lists of links to related sites, of people involved in QBF research, and QBF-related events.

Please help us to keep QBFLIB updated by submitting new instances, solvers, and tools. If you want to learn more about the submission process, contact us by email. Your collaboration is essential to improve QBFLIB, so do not hesitate to send us feedback, comments, and suggestions.